Ready for some more mud.

Phinney and his stitches..

Fair play Taylor, you are one hard bastard!

taylor phinney

Listen to this…oh and yes Alberto, you hero!

I know it has nothing to do with cycling. But I don’t care. Listen to Raleigh Ritchie. Weird combination of Game of Thrones and R&B, what’s not to like?

In other news YES YES YES Contador!

That’s what i want to see, attacking! I was screaming at the TV! I watched the best GC rider of his generation showing genuine aggression and sticking it to GB’s favorite Kenyan.

Gif’s now work on the front page.

Gif's now work on the front page.

So here’s a gif….

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Sagan and Fontana

I thought i’d reintroduce myself to the internet with a cheap repost of a video. Peter Sagan and Marco Fontana, riding round the woods, making me want to buy a Cannondale.

New Shoes

New Shoes

I finally allowed myself to buy some of these. I cannot wait to take them out on a test ride!!

Photo’s do not do the orange justice.

Built for glory.

The way he handled his bike, his attacking, the bloodshot eyes and his simple refusal to back down turned Tom Meeusen into one of my favorite riders this season. He took wins in the biggest races and beat the best riders in the world with his frantic, elbows out sprint.

Meeusen’s 2014-15 season has to be a big one. He’s stepped up from the ‘new Nys’ tag of years past, its now time for a consistent winning year.

Clearly the Telenet Fidea team bike supplier Ridley have faith.


A collection of quality reduced images that sort of tell the story of my winter. A ‘photo essay’ is the phrase I believe…

Off to the races.


Stopping power at last. TRP CX 8.4 mini V brakes have been incredible!!

Exploring the woods around Bristol.

Showing off some very nice new clothing. Castelli Jacket goodness.

Early morning road rides on clear, cold days. I seem to remember this ride had as many coffee stops as it did corners.

Simply a nice place to take a picture.

I don’t know if you’d heard about it, but there’s been some flooding in somerset…

Sunday rides with the BRC

J-Pow smashing it round an awesome Belgian cross course.

Cross raver.

I experienced a Belgian headache in the morning.


First time on a proper bouncy bike. Whyte T-129. Loved it!

Spring is coming. 25mph, 23mm tyres, 110 psi, on sand.

Getting ready for the summer time.





Who needs #Svenness?

Forget about the Brilliant Svenness videos! This is the only analysis you need of the World cross championships.

Now you see why the low countries rule the cross world. The kids are filled with passion for the sport from the moment they can be propped in front of the TV to watch it.

More bike art

This blog seems to be becoming ‘a handy guide to cycling art that you might like to buy…’

That’s because I am in the process of doing up the house with my partner. Whenever I get a break from repeatedly answering the question ‘what do you think of this wallpaper?’, I look for bike themed artwork to cover our bare white walls.

Here’s another load that I stumbled across, google image searching ‘Wiggins 2012 print’.

This is my personal favorite. I’m hoping it will be hanging over my kitchen sink in the very near future.

The artist is Neil Stevens and he has a brilliant collection. Alongside the cycling pieces there are some very cool black and white homages to the shipping forecast that really caught my eye.

(REBLOG) The Season So Far with… Nikki Harris


Someone asked me to write about Britain’s UK cross . Unfortunately I don’t know enough about the women’s scene to give fair comment.

So read this instead!

Originally posted on annabuick:

As a number of significant international cyclocross stars make their way back to Belgium after the mid-season break to begin the crazy Christmas ‘cross schedule, I thought it appropriate to reflect on the season so far for two of Britain’s leading ladies.


Great Britain are the UCI number one ranked nation in women’s cyclocross. Let us take a moment to reflect on that. Number one. In the World. Not the Netherlands, not France or the USA, not even Belgium. Great Britain.

Helping to put the ‘Great’ in Great Britain are Helen Wyman and Nikki Harris.


Helen and Nikki have accrued an amazing number of top results so far this season, and have, on a number of occasions, made up two-thirds of the podium! It is really special to be able to watch them race, to hear their names in the muddle of Flemish commentary and to recognise their praises…

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Video of the year

Forget RBP2 (well don’t forget it, it’s awesome!). This really is the video of the year.

I want to go to Scotland…NOW!

#MondayMap, 9th December 2013


Brilliant, Brilliant idea. Thanks for including my tweet!

Originally posted on annabuick:

Everyone loves a good championship!

This weekend they were held across the UK, region by region, from Scotland to The South. This Monday Map features the Champion of the East and South East Region, Ross Tricker, and Scottish Champion, Iain Paton. Big high five to you both!  Also a big-up to Claire Beaumont for being smacked round the back of the head by her bike in Belgium on Saturday, and still managing second in her Regional Champs on Sunday! 

Keep the Tweets coming for next week’s map -@annafromthepits -it’s great to read what you’re all up to.

I know it’s only two weeks in, but I love this feature! 

9th Dec


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One hell of a photograph

Ben Berden taking a sprint from his Raleigh team mate.  It’s just a great image. It screams speed!


You can see more of Phil Beckmans photos here

Best cross gif. ever?

I seriously cannot take my eyes away from it. The kit he’s wearing is amazing…and are those Giro Empires?

It takes over from ‘Joey’s ok’ as my favorite cross Gif.


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